Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat a number of different physical complaints, including back, neck, and knee pain. It is a very gentle process that is specifically tailored to your needs. 

Below we’ll explain the full body assessment process, as well as the specific treatment for back pain, neck pain, and knee pain.

Full Body Assessment
With all of our physiotherapy services, we start with a full body assessment to identify the root source of the problem. We then treat you at the source of the problem to prevent the issue from recurring, as well as treating the area locally, for fast pain relief.

The full body assessment is a very gentle and relaxed process. Your therapist will observe your movements, and he or she will place their hands on your joints while you move, in order to identify stiffness or other issues. From there, your therapist will have a good idea of the best course of action for your treatment. 

Back Pain
Traditional physiotherapy would treat the full body in a process that extended for months, often resulting in only a temporary solution. At Waterloo Physiotherapy, we do hands on therapy for individual joints. This allows us to target the specific problem area faster and more effectively, resulting in reduced pain, and improved overall ease of movement.

We help our clients to experience fast and long-term improvements. If you don’t see an improvement within 6 - 8 sessions, we’ll refer you back to a physician for further testing. 

Neck Pain
We take a holistic approach with all of our treatments. In addition to examining the joints in your neck, we will also observe how you breathe; daily stresses often lead people to breathe shallow breaths, which can contribute to neck pain.

In addition to treating pain at the source, we will treat your pain on a lifestyle level, to prevent the problem from happening again. This may include teaching you breathing exercises, or teaching you how to stretch effectively.

Knee pain
Knee pain is often related to stiffness in the lower back. After assessing whether the root problem is in your back, sacro-iliac joint, or your feet, we’ll treat you at the origin of your knee pain. We’ll help you to prevent your knee pain from returning with some simple exercises. Since we understand that you’re busy, we make a point to teach you exercises that you can incorporate into your everyday life, such as while doing the dishes, or brushing your teeth.

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