Gait Analysis and Custom Foot Orthotics:

With today’s busy life-styles, it is easy to neglect your feet. Problems with your feet can lead to knee and back pain, but this can often be corrected through custom foot orthotics. Here’s how we treat each issue:

Foot Pain & Arch Pain
If you have foot pain, we’ll assess not only your feet, but also the muscles in your legs and calves. Your feet will accommodate for stiffness or tension in your other joints or muscles, but they can only accommodate so much before you develop pain in your feet.

Knee Pain & Back Pain
People with flat feet often experience knee and back pain. This occurs because the knees turn in, which then causes the hips to also turn in. This forces the ligaments and muscles in the legs and torso to accommodate for this change in rotation. If you have knee or back pain, we’ll assess your feet, knees, hips, torso, and back in order to diagnose and treat the problem that is causing your pain.

Orthotics Treatment & Gait Analysis
We’ll do a gait analysis to determine any irregularities in your walking and running patterns. We’ll ask you to walk, squat, bend, and stand on your toes, to better understand your range of movement.

After identifying the problem through your gait analysis, we’ll fit you with a pair of custom orthotics. The benefit of working with a physiotherapist is that we will identify the root cause of your problem, rather than just treating your symptoms. From there, we can treat the problem with a combination of orthotics and physiotherapy. This combination is more effective than just the use of orthotics, which is commonly seen.

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