Pain Relief Through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is commonly recommended for patients with tension headaches or stiff, tense muscles, such as whiplash, neck pain, or back pain. Here are some frequently asked questions & answers. 

How does acupuncture work? What do you do?

There are several thousand acupuncture points on the body which can be used to treat pain. We start by treating acupuncture points away from the point of pain. We would never start the acupuncture treatment with needles in the point of pain.

For example, a tension headache may be treated by starting the acupuncture on the hands and arms. As the pain subsides and symptoms improve, we may then treat areas closer and closer to the neck.

If it was lower back pain, we would start in the feet and lower legs.

Is the person performing the acupuncture certified?

Yes; our physiotherapist Antoine Varghese obtained his certification in acupuncture from the Acupuncture Foundation Institute of Canada. This certification is obtained only after completing a graduate degree in physiotherapy.

What does acupuncture feel like?

Most patients find acupuncture mildly uncomfortable, some patients do not feel the needles at all, while other patients experience stronger discomfort.

Our acupuncture treatment is customized to the patient; the diameter and length of the needles is customized to the size of the patient.

There is no generalized, “cookie cutter” treatment for every patient; every patient is unique, and we treat them as such.

Acupuncture may be done on its own, or in conjunction with other types of therapy, such as physiotherapy, exercise therapy, or massage.

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